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Lecture by Mufti Abdul Rashid on "Metaphysics"
Lecture by Engr Javed Younas Uppal on "Old Building Restoration Pakage"
Lecture on The worth of new technology alternative energy development program
Lecture by Sohail Hashmi on 11September at Defence Public Library
6 September at Defence Public Library
Independence Day at Defence Public Library
Events @ Defence Public Library (DPL)
Lecture on making of Pakistan "Move Forward Towards Progress" by Dr Mubashar Hassan - 14 Jun 2014
Lecture on "Birth of New Technologies" by Capt (R) Muhammad Shoaib Hashmi - 05 Jun 2014
Series of Lectures on lessons in Quran on "Story of Ashab-e-Kahf " by Aysha Rehan - 05 - 06 Jun 2014
Lecture on "Persian Language" by Dr Aftab Asghar and display of Persian Literature Colletion - 24 April 2014
Lecture on "Intellectual Development as a conduit to the spiritual dimension of man" by Dr Mohammad Kamran Shahid
Students of Beaconhouse School System, Defence Campus Lahore visited Defence Public Library
Lecture on "Science and Reason in the age of Unreason" by Dr Pervez Amir Hoodbhoy on 5 Feb 2014
Forgotten E-Books
Lecture on "Art of Critical (Rational) Thinking" by Dr. Mohammad Kamran Shahid
Lecture on "Educational Welfare of the Neglected segment of Society" by Dr. Abdul Razzaq Khan on 30 Dec 2013
DPL Fresh Arrivals... A Little Pretty Pocket-Book, The Songs of a Sentimental Bloke, A Source Book of Australian History etc.
DPL Fresh Arrivals... Bliss and Other Stories, Moby Dick or The Whale, Around the Boree Log etc.
Event at Defence Public Library. Reading Session, Art Competition, Lectures
Excellence at Defence Public Library. Members get together celebratring DPL high achievers
DPL Fresh Arrivals... The Dukan Diet, Nuclear Iran, The Price of Inequality etc.
DHA Public Library starting coaching classes, Summer Kids Camp, Language Courses etc.
DHA Public Library starting Pattern Drafting and Hand Sewing. An Elementary course in Fashion Desinging.
DHA Public Library proudly presents summer classes in cartoon and caricature
DPL - Computer / Languages Classes