1 Amendment in DHA Const & Development Bylaws
2 Opening of Possession for Sec X Ph-VII
3 Opening of Possession for Sec U & T (Extn) Ph-VII
4 Possession open for Sec A, C, D & N (Extn) Ph-VI
5 Possession open for Sec A,B,C & D DHA Town Ph-IX
6 Undertaking & Acknowledgement for Ph-8 (Ivy Green)
7 Opening of Possession of Sec A,B,C & D (CBW) Ph-VIII
8 Opening of Possession of Balance Plots in all Sectors Ph-VI
9 Opening of Possession of Sec P, V & W Ph-VII, DHA Lahore
10 DHA Flower Competition – Spring 2015
11 Opening of possession Sec Shops, Sec E Ph-VI
12 SOP for Management of Sheeba Park
13 Attn : Mr Iftikhar Ejaz S/O Mr Mian Allah Ditta 
Dear Member, In the Replanning / Re-location, you have been allotted Plot No 3/Z/000822/2 (2 Kanal), in lieu of your existing plot No 1/N/000005/ (2 Kanal).
14 Possession open in Phase VI (Sec A & D) and Phase VIII (Ex Parkview)
15 Opening of Possession Sectors Q, R, S, T & U Phase VII, Halloki Gardens Phase XI, and Sector H & J (Additional Area) Phase V
16 Opening of Possession of Plots Sec D, Ph-VI DHA Lahore
17 Opening of Possession of Plots Sec N, Ph-VI DHA Lahore
18 Allocation of Numbers – Commercial Plots Sec X, Phase VIII
19 Update on Phase V, Sector Map & Plot Numbering
20 Attention Telecome Operators
21 Construction of Mosque- DHA Rahbar
22 Construction of House – DHA Rahbar
23 Request to make a Clean DHA
24 Rules for Water Consumption to avoid Violation Fines
25 Rules for Water Consumption
26 DHA Lahore on Wikipedia
27 Development charges – Phase VIII
28 Clarifications
29 Installation of generator set in residential buildings Sector A to K (ex Parkview Society), Sector L to P (ex Air Avenue Society). All residents / allottes of Sector L to P (ex Air Avenue) potential buyers please do not purchase any built property in sector L to P without clearance from Director BC
30 Executive Board approvals