November 20 2022 0Comment

The Dog Show

Hundreds of heart warming stories are here to brighten connection between dogs and humans.Adopting a pet isn’t just good for the pet; it’s good for you too as this four – legged friend can make excellent services.
Dogs can help humans because this intelligent creature has an unexpectedly strong loyalty to the master, dog as a pet can reduce stress by its presence around you.
People enjoyed a competitive dog sport exhibited at DHA Phase XII ( EME) on 20th November ,2022 . Some of the dog lovers enjoyed this show as beauty pageant for dogs while the others took it as the presentation of purebred dogs to be judged for conformity to their respective breed standards. The dog show was witnessed with interest and a lot of appreciation for the trainers and the omnivores,both. DHA Lahore being an animal shelter volunteer has established its own dog kennel since 2011,which is providing a pivotal role towards providing quality breed of watch dogs. Before choosing a dog breed, it’s important to make the distinction between a guard dog and a watchdog. A watchdog has an instinctual desire to alert against danger and a guard dog is a dog that protects its pack or human family.Guard Dog is much more difficult to train than a watchdog.