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DHA 54th National Men’s & 15th National Women’s (Open) Swimmin…DHA Lahore 54th #National #Men’s & 15th #National #Women’s (Open) #Swimming #Championship will be held on
29th to 31st July, 2016 at #K_Block #SwimmingPool, #Phase_V, DHA Lahore.
For details please Contact# 042-37176151- 2
#dhaofficial #NationalSwimmingChampionship

Posted by DHA Lahore on Friday, July 22, 2016

Independence Day Celebration – 14 Aug 2017

Following events were held on 14th August 2017 (Jashan-e-Azadi at Sports Complexes as noted against each:

  • Tennis, Cricket, Football, Skating and Baseball (Girls) at G-Sports Complex Ph-V
  • Badminton at XX Sports Complex Ph-III
  • Rugby at L-Stadium

Sports Facilities Available

G Block Sports Complex / Mini Sports (TNS Ground) / K Ground, Phase VBlock XX & Block Y, Phase IIIBlock L, Phase I
Major FacilitiesMajor FacilitiesMajor Facilities
1. Football Ground1. Hockey Ground1. Rugby Ground
2. Hockey Ground2. Swimming Pool2. Hockey Ground
3. Handball Ground3. Gymnasium3. Football Ground
4. Steam Bath
Minor Facilities5. Futsal GroundMinor Facilities
1. Volleyball CourtMinor Facilities1. Open Fitness Centre
2. Judo / Karate2. Basketball Court
3. Open Fitness Centre1. Open Fitness Centre3. Badminton Courts
4. Climbing Wall for Kids2. Basketball Court4. Volleyball Court
5. Basketball Court3. Badminton Courts5. Skating Ring
6. Badminton Courts4. Tennis Courts6. Jogging Track
7. Tennis Courts5. Cricket Alley
8. Table Tennis6. Jogging Track
9. Cricket Alley7. Skating Rink
10. Jogging Track

Summer Timings

All Members 
(a) MorningFrom 0530 to 0900 hours
(b) Evening/NightFrom 1700 to 2200 hours
Education Institutions
From 0900 to 1400 hours

Winter Timings

All Members 
(a) MorningFrom 0615 to 0900 hours
(b) Evening/NightFrom 1500 to 2100 hours
Education Institutions
From 0900 to 1400 hours

Timings Swimming Pool Complex (Summers)

a. Gents From 1600 to 2200 hours (Shift-I)
b. Ladies From 0800 to 1430 hours (Shift-II)

Monthly Charges Sports Complexes

Ground / StadiumFacilitiesRegistrationSubscriptions  
L Stadium Phase Ia. All Sports facilities 100.00 575.00 1610.00 6325.00 
b. Jogging Track1001754601725
XX Sports Complex Phase IIIa. All Sports facilities300.00 1150.00 3220.00 12650.00 
b.  Jogging Track1502908853105
G Sports Complex Phase Va. All Sports facilities300.00 11503220.00 12650
b.  Jogging Track1502908853105
E Sports Complex Phase VIII (Ex Park View)a. Jogging Track 100150.00 4001500
b.  All Sports facilities10050014005500
c.  Tennis1001000--
F Sports Complex Phase VIII (Ex Park View)a. Jogging Track100.00 100400.00 1500
b.  All Sports facilities10040011004300
Note.     Charges for absentee members  are 15% per month of monthly subscription


Guest Charges

G & XX Sports Complex 
Senior citizen guestRs 115.00 per entry
Member’s guestRs 230.00 per entry
L Stadium
Senior citizen guestRs 60.00 per entry
Member’s guestRs 115.00 per entry
E & F Sports Complex
Senior citizen guestRs 50.00 per entry
Member’s guestRs 100.00 per entry

  1. Senior Citizen, Special Children / Under 7 free of charges except registration.
  2. DHA Employees and family (grade 17 & above) free of charges, registration is mandatory.
  3. Rs 100 will be charged for obtaining duplicate MS Card.
  4. Card lamination charges as actual.

Swimming Pool Complex – Charges

a. Swimming Pool

CategoryRegistrationMonthly SubstantiveQuarterly  SubstantiveYearly SubstantiveFamily Package
Children (under 5 years)Rs.1000.00---3x Member 15 % discount in monthly subs
Children (5-10 Years)Rs.2500.00Rs.2875.00Rs.8050.00Rs.28750.00
AdultsRs.5000.00Rs.5750.00Rs.16100.00Rs 57500.00
Senior CitizensRs.3500.00Rs.4025.00Rs.10350.00Rs.34500.00
DHA Employee50% of each category

b. Gym

CategoryRegistrationMonthly SubstantiveQuarterly  SubstantiveYearly SubstantiveFamily Package
Adults (Male)Rs.4000.00Rs.4600.00Rs.12650.00Rs 46000.003x Member 15 % discount in monthly substantive
Senior CitizensRs.2000.00Rs.2300.00Rs.5750.00Rs.19550.00
DHA Employee50% of each category

c. Steam Bath

CategoryRegistrationMonthly SubstantiveQuarterly  SubstantiveYearly SubstantiveFamily Package
-----Rs.690.00 Per bath for 30 minutes (Family Package)

d. Guests

CategoryRegistrationMonthly SubstantiveQuarterly  SubstantiveYearly SubstantiveFamily Package
Swimming Pool----Rs.520.00 Per dip
Gym----Rs.460.00 Per visit
Steam Bath----Rs.230.00 Per bath
Aerobics Classes-1150325011500-
Yoga Classes-1150325011500-
Aqua Aerobics-1150325011500-
Note: Charges for absentee members are 15% per month of monthly substantive

  1. To download Membership Form for Swimming Pool/Gym Complex Click Here
  2. Salient Instructions for Swimming Pool, Gym & Steam Bath


Booking of Sports Ground

  1. Booking Form available with Sports Branch, DHA Office.
  2. Submit the duly filled Request Form to the Sports Branch at least 48 hours in advance.
  3. Normal booking timings are from 0800 hours to 1800 hours in Summers and 0900 hours to 1700 hours in Winters.

Booking rates per hour are as under:-

CategoryResidentNon-ResidentDHA Education / LGESPrivate  Education in DHAPrivate Organization / Groups
Category 1   Football, Hockey,Cricket & Rugby1,725/-2,300/-1,725/-2,875/-3,450/-
Category 2  Basketball, Tennis,Volleyball & Handball865/-1,150/-865/-1,440/-1,725/-
Category 3 Badminton & Cricket Alley345/-520/-345/-575/-805/-
All rates stated above are per ground / court & per hour. Electric charges for night play are:-


Category 1 Rs   3000 per hour
Category 2 & 3 Rs   1000 per hour

50% More rates for special gazette holidays

50% More charges for tournaments / sports days

Security charges refundable Rs 15000/-


  1. Players – Sports kit / track suit
  2. Spectators – Casual

Summer Coaching Camp

Sports Summer Camps are organized by the Sports Branch for children of all age groups of DHA during summer vocations. It will ultimately lead to establishment of sports academies / clubs in DHA. Reputed coaches are engaged to impart quality training to the registered individuals in the following sports:-

  1. Cricket
  2. Football
  3. Judo / Karate
  4. Skating
  5. Tennis
  6. Archery
  7. Swimming Pool
  8. Basketball

Sports Clubs / Academy

In order to generate maximum sports activities establishment of the Sports Academy / Club are in the offing. This will help enhance the participation of residents in outdoor healthy activities and create sports culture especially in DHA. Training of young players will act as a nursery for their further grooming at national level and raise the standards of sports in DHA.

Club Charges

CategoryRegistrationMonthly Substantive
Judo Karate1001500
Note: Charges for absentee member -15% per month of monthly subscription.

Football Academy

Category Residents Non Residents 
Membership FeeMonthlyMembership FeeMonthly
Guest fee: Rs.200/- per session

Football Club

Category Residents Non Residents 
Membership FeeMonthlyMembership FeeMonthly
Guest fee: Rs. 300/- per session.

Note: 15% family (3x Member) discount in monthly charges.

Archery Charges

1. Rs 100/- for 5 Arrows
2. Booking of archery event will be cater according to Cat 1

Monthly Events / Sports Organization on Special Days

Different sports events/ matches for kids, male & female members were org to celebrate Independence Day on 14 August 2014 in befitting manner. The events organized were as under:-

  1. Hockey
  2. Rugby
  3. Basketball
  4. Football
  5. Cricket
  6. Skating Competition
  7. Judo / Karate Competition
  8. Swimming competition

Coaching Charges Cricket Academy XX Sports Complex Ph-III

Ground / StadiumFacilitiesRegistration (Rs)Monthly Subscriptions (Rs)  
ResidentsCategory I (under 10 years)DayNight
a. Male 100020002500
b. Female75010001500
Category II (above 10 years)
a. Male 150030003500
b. Female100015002000
Private Organization (Education Institution)Charges pakage may very depending upon the number and category of the players.
Non ResidentsCategory I (under 10 years)
a. Male 125020002500
b. Female100010001500
Category II (above 10 years)
a. Male 175035004000
b. Female125017502250
Note.     50% concession on monthly subscription for all DHA institutons and DHA employees.

Timing for Coaching at Cricket Academy XX Sports Complex Ph-III

Monday to Friday1400 to 2100 hrs
Saturday and Sunday1000 to 2100 hrs 1700 to 2100 hrs
Monday to Friday1400 to 2200 hrs
Saturday and Sunday1000 to 1200 hrs 1700 to 2200 hrs

Future Plans

Concurrent to the over all development in DHA, a master sports plan has been prepared. Sports and health facilities will be created in sports complexes and selected parks. It is going to cater much of the sports requirement of every phase and sectors within. As of now, cases for construction of following sports facilities are under process:-

  1. Multipurpose cricket ground with a pavilion and covered gymnasium in Phase VI.


  1. Entry to the complexes, not allowed with out showing M/S Card at the entrance.
  2. Members to read and comply on the instructions mentioned on the reverse side of M/S / booking form.
  3. Skating has commenced at G Complex Phase – V.
  4. Membership forms are available at all Complexes Swimming Pool and Clubs.

Address/Contact Number:

G Block, Phase – V, DHA Lahore.
+ 92 42 37176151-2
+ 92 42 35743337
+92 42 35722278