DHA Lahore is very keen and diligent about the safety of its residents. We are the forerunner in newfangled housing amenities standards especially when it comes to safety and security of the demos.

DHA has a well-established security system to protect and safeguard its people and assets. Security crew of DHA is vigilant and able to deter illegal and inappropriate actions either directly being stationed on duty places, through patrols, or indirectly, by monitoring alarm systems or video surveillance cameras.

DHA SEES (Security, Environment, Emergency Services and Safety) branch is an all-encompassing department of DHA Lahore responsible for the safety and security of its residents and is working tirelessly day-in-day-out to ensure that everyone in DHA feels safe and well protected at all times.

The SEES workforce takes prompt actions within the legal framework to minimize safety threats and also has a quick incident reporting system to the relevant government authorities as per regulatory framework. DHA SEES branch also has a dedicated traffic Management Wing with the mandate of making DHA an antecedent with regards to safe driving on roads. SEES branch monitors the traffic flow of DHA in collaboration with city traffic police through its traffic management wing.

DHA Management has undertaken numerous initiatives to improve upon the existing safety and security system. The establishment of the state of the art CCTV and Emergency Control Centre is one of the key initiatives in this regard. The CCTV control room is providing consistent surveillance of all sensitive locations with real time visual information and live monitoring for all major events. The emergency control center has phone lines with trained staff for receiving telephone calls from the residents in need of any safety situation / assistance. Round the clock security assistance and digital traffic monitoring is also augmented through CCTV cameras and coordinated through Emergency Control Center. It also has a dedicated UAN number 042-111221133 for seeking any kind of emergency response. New single cabin vehicles and heavy bikes have been deployed to ensure constant patrolling. Dedicated fire tenders along with trained fire fighters are available 24/7 to mitigate fire incidents. The checking regime is also strengthened at all DHA entries and exits.


Phase I to V
+92 42 111221133
+92 42 35723188
+92 42 35745590
+92 42 35734785

Phase VI to IX
+92 42 37167540
+92 42 37167463


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