I am indeed honoured to have been chosen to spearhead this esteemed organization with excellent team of professionals. DHA Lahore`s stature among compatriots is a testimony of the dedication, commitment and hard work of our predecessors. We are committed to continuing our journey for achieving excellence with the same zeal.
     DHA Lahore is a leader in providing innovative and high quality solutions for our clients across all spheres of life. We have a diverse and talented workforce that strives to deliver the best results for our customers and partners. Our core values: trust, care. innovation and pride define the ethos of the team.
     As Administrator DHA Lahore, I aspire to take this prestigious organization to further growth and success. I wish to create more value for stakeholders, enhance our social environmental impact, and foster a culture of learning and collaboration. I believe in teamwork and have faith that we can overcome all the challenges to seize any opportunity that comes our way.
      I want to thank all our employees and business partners for their diligence and dedication. You all are the backbone of this organization and the reason for our achievements. I appreciate and bank on your support and confidence.
       I take this opportunity, to thank all my predecessors who have set the trajectory to achieve nothing short of excellence.
       I look forward to working more intimately with all stakeholders and business partners to achieve sustainability and higher growth.
       Thank you for trusting us.

Brig Mirza Muhammad Yasir Baig

Administrator DHA Lahore