Building Control
List of Approved Solar Engr Firms
List of Approved MEP Engr Firms
Byelaws for Installing Solar Energy Panels
Undertaking for Renovation of Residential & Commercial Building
Undertaking for Basement (Residential)
Undertaking for Basement (Commercial)
Irrevocable Undertaking for Residential Building
Irrevocable Undertaking for Commercial Building
Revised Drawing Submission
Undertaking for Stacking of Material & Temporary Hut
Undertaking for Septic Tank
Undertaking for Basement (No Objection Certificate not obtained)
Undertaking for Swimming Pool
Undertaking for the use of Excavator
Demolition of House / Building
Demolition of Commercial Plaza
Undertaking to use Adjacent of plot as a lawn
Application for Possession of Plot (Site Plan)
New Water & Sewerage Connection
Demarcation Form
Sample for Method of Basement Construction
Undertaking for No Claim for Services
Opening of Restaurant
Revised water / sewerage bills
Common Boundary Wall of Houses
Undertaking for Electric Fence
Undertaking for Second Stair of Basement
Architect Stability Certificate
Structural Stability Certificate
Building Completion Performa
Temporary Sewerage Connection
Submission of Building Drawings / Plans
Sub Div of Plazas-Document Set.
Generator Installation – Commercial
Generator Installation – Residential
NOC for Generator Installation
Undertaking for Generator Installation
A Step guide of Construction of Building.
Sub Div of Plazas-Instructions for Estate Agents & Clients.
Undertaking for Rooftop Sitting of Plazas & Requirements
Contractors Enlistment Form
Undertaking for Use of Earth Moving Machinery