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Repairs & maintenance is one of the most important component of the services provided by a residential society to its residents. Not only is it the service that affects the residents alone but also is most highly valued having impact quality of life. In recent years there have been massive changes to the way traditional repairs and maintenance services are delivered. The focus is on proactive approach towards providing continuous maintenance support in order to ensuring quality living.

DHA Maintenance Branch is a smart and dynamic outfit with a motto to serve the residents and provide top of the line services, undertaking work by utilizing own manpower rather than outsourcing. This shift has resulted in economy of scale and time besides improving the quality of work.

Tree Plantation

Trees improve air quality by filtering harmful dust and pollutants. It reduces the urban heat effect through evaporative cooling and reducing the amount of sunlight that reaches infrastructure and buildings. To make DHA more environmentally friendly, maintenance Branch successfully planted over 115,000 trees in different phases.

Electrical and Water Supply Works

Re-boring of 2 Cusec tube well at Sec C Ph-I & F Ph-V is in progress. The Construction of OHWT and 2 Cusec Tube wells in Sec P Ph-I, Sec W & X Ph-III and Sec H Ph-V is completed. To ensure provision of clean water to residents, water filtration plant in Sec N Ph-I & Sec A Ph-VIII has been installed.

Among its various initiatives, Maintenance Branch successfully completed conversion of overhead to underground electrical system passing along with Signal Free Corridor. The construction of underground external electrical system for CCA and laying of Feeders for Penta Square Phase V has been completed. Street Light System and energization has also been done in 170 Kanal additional area Sec L Ph-VIII (Ex AA).

Improvement of Sewerage System

Given below are some measures taken to improve the existing sewerage system of DHA: –

  • Construction of additional SDS (40 Cusec) at Sec Sec S Ph-II
  • Uplifting of SDS Sec- E Ph-VI from 35 cusec to 60cusec
  • Cleaning of Sewer Lines
  • Placement of RCC slabs on drain at Sec K Ph-I & Sec S Ph-II
  • De-Siltation of Charrar Drain

Building Works and Re-carpeting/Widening of Roads

  • Construction of 2 class rooms in DPS JS Sec Z Ph-III
  • Renovation of Defence Commercial Plaza
  • Renovation of washrooms at Defence Public Library
  • Construction of Camera Control Room in Sec Z Ph-III
  • Re-Carpeting of Sir Syed Avenue (Rd from Sec W Masque to Wateen Chowk)
  • Construction of Slip Roads beside McDonald at Sec Y and Traffic Signal at Sec Z Ph -III
  • Widening of roads from Ghazi Rd to SEC Y-Z Community Masjid Chowk to L Stadium Ph-I
  • Widening of roads Curves in Commercial Areas of Sec Y& Z
  • Patch work of different roads of Ph I-VI