DHA promotes Islamic values, teachings and religious harmony. In DHA “ALL MOSQUES ARE FOR ALL MUSLIMS”, no Mosque in DHA is specified for any particular school of thought, sect or religious group. DHA gives equal importance to the Religious Affairs of all residents.

Islamic activities related teachings of the Holy Qur’an, prayer, Friday Sermon, Qiyam-ul-Lel (Shabeena), Eid Prayers, Mehfil-e-Zikr-e-Nabi (SAW) and Seminars.

DHA Lahore’s Department of Religious Affairs provides free recitation of Holy Quran classes on all days of the week (except Sundays) from Asr prayers to Maghrib in all sectors and phase mosques of DHA. For more details (Click Here).

DHA Lahore’s Department of Religious Affairs provides free Hifz classes of Holy Quran on all days of the week (except Sundays) in all phase mosques of DHA.
Timings except Sunday
Summer 0700 -1200 hours
Winters 0730- 1230 hours

For admission (Click Here)

DHA Lahore is very much conscious to provide superlative services for its residents in all meadow of life. Religious Affairs Branch will arrange Khateeb (Nikah Khwan) for DHA residents on their door step to avoid any complexity. DHA Nikah Policy (Download) & Nikah Form (Download) is attached for your reference.

Religious Affairs Branch will provide Khateeb.

Contact details:

  • Land Line. : 042-111-334-547 Ext: 5202
  • Phase 1 to 4 : 0311-7770584
  • Phase 5 to 8 : 0311-7770583

Instructions for Burial of the Deceased (Click Here) or Visit Complaint office H-Block, Phase-6.

Namaz Timings