June 24 2022 0Comment

Inauguration of Bedian Underpass

The Bedian Underpass, connecting Phases VI and IX, was inaugurated by the honourable Administrator DHA Brig Waheed Gul Satti, SI (M) on 11th June,2022. This breakthrough in access by DHA has reduced the dearth in connectivity of Phases, VI and IX. The general motive behind this well planned facility is traffic control and particularly an increased access between the two large Phases of DHA.
The opening ceremony of Bedian Underpass commenced with the recitation of the Holy Quran and prayers for the success of the project and all present and futuristic endeavours of the organisation.

The well-planned underpass has secured hassle-free movement without collision.
The residents of Phases VI and IX have taken this advantageous establishment as a convenience of the hour which has reduced the bang and blare of vehicles and annoying gridlock of traffic found at Bedian road.

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