DHA promotes Islamic values, teachings and religious harmony. In DHA “ALL MOSQUES ARE FOR ALL MUSLIMS”, no Mosque in DHA is specified for any particular school of thought, sect or religious group. DHA gives equal importance to the Religious Affairs of all residents.


Hajj Seminar

DHA Lahore stands privileged each year to host free of cost Hajj Seminars. This year Hajj Seminar Program was held on 7th & 8th of July,18 at DHA Luxe Marquee, Phase-8 (Ex-Park View). Informative lectures were delivered by the Scholar Dr.Hafiz Abdul Wahid. At the end, there was an informative discussion between the Scholar and Pilgrims for understanding the Hajj procedures and the main purpose of Hajj.


Prayer Timings

Fajar04:35 AM
Zohar01:30 PM
Asr05:00 PM
Isha08:15 PM
Jumma (Phase Mosque)01:30 PM
Jumma (Sector Mosque)01:45 PM

Activities DHA Mosques

  • Teachings of the Holy Qur’an
  • Friday Sermon / Prayer
  • Qiyam-ul-Lel (Shabeena)
  • Eid Prayers
  • Mehfil-e-Zikr-e-Nabi (SAW)
  • Seminars on Islamic topics